The Time Corridor

Written by: Larry DiTillio
Directed by: Lou Zukor

He-man/Prince Adam



Skeletor is going back in time, to a time when there was no Castle Grayskull.

Ghostface is the name Zilora uses on Skeletor.

Good quotes in this episode:

"Give up Skeletor! Or we`ll turn your fortress into toothpicks!"

"That club would make a fine toothpick!"

"As we've just seen Skeletor went back into the past to make evil things happen. In reality no one can go back into the past, that's only make-believe. But we can try to learn from the past, from things that have happened to us, and try to apply them toward being better people today. Remember, it's today that counts. So make it the best day possible. Until next time this is He-Man wishing you good health and good luck."


Fangman: Great power Skeletor! But is it enough to destroy Grayskull?

Kevin Martinell:
Really good above average episode for me! Skeletor's scheme, to go back in time using The Wheel of Infinity to destroy Castle Grayskull, makes for a great original plot. There are three standout hilarious moments I like, in this one:
1.) When Tri-Klops orders one of the Ape Men soldiers to fire a boulder at He-Man, via a catapult ... He-Man strikes the boulder with his sword, as if he were hitting a baseball with a bat! We then get Tri-Klops' point of view, with the boulder falling back towards him, as he exclaims, "Uh oh!," then runs for it!
2.) One of the Ape Men soldiers attacks Zilora, atop the fortress, but Zilora outsmarts the Ape Man, and the soldier falls all the way to the ground. The follow-up shot is hilarious, with the Ape Man tapping the ground with his fingers, in frustration!
3.) And finally ... When He-Man strikes The Wheel of Infinity with his fist, sending it hurling into the skies, near the end of the episode. When the wheel explodes, we get to see a series of fireworks go off, as Man-At-Arms and Orko look on!
Only criticism I have is that when the heroes go back in time, He-Man states, "So, this is what Evergreen Forest looked like in the past." The problem with this line is that the landscape of The Evergreen forest looks exactly the same as present day Eternia. It's too bad the background artists didn't create a different forest for the scene ... Otherwise, really exciting and enjoyable episode!

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