How well do you know the cartoons?


Which episode is considered the first?
A) Teela`s quest
B) The curse of the Spellstone
C) Diamond Ray of Disappearance


From "The shaping staff": Two villains brake into the Royal Palace, who?
A) Merman and Strongarm
B) Fangman and Tri-Klops
C) Evil-lyn and Beastman


From "To save Skeletor": A villain asks King Randor for help, who?
A) Merman
B) Whiplash
C) Beastman


From "The dragon invasion": Who was traped in the dragon pearl?
A) The Sorceress
B) Orko
C) Stratos


From "The curse of the Spellstone": Who saves He-man from Evil-Lyn`s spell?
A) He-man himself
B) Man-at-Arms and Teela
C) Two civillians


From "Disappearing Act": Man-at-Arms made a robot of...
A) He-man
B) Skeletor
C) Teela


From "She-Demon of Phantos": Who pushed He-man into a potanium cell?
A) Strongarm
B) Skeletor
C) Merman


From "Teela`s Quest": What is Teela`s quest in this episode?
A) She wants to know who He-man really is
B) She wants to know who her mother is
C) She is going to Snake Mountain to take care of Skeletor once and for all


From "Reign of the Monster": What does Skeletor need to awake Molkrom?
A) He can`t awake Molkrom, He-man stops him
B) He needs the power of the Sorceress
C) He needs the Staff given to the people of Avion from the Elders


From "A Beastly Sideshow": Cringer has been captured and brought to Snake Mountain. By who?
A) Beastman
B) Evil-Lyn
C) Skeletor


From "Daimar the Demon": Who summons Daimar, the demon from the dark dimension?
A) Orko
B) Evil-Lyn
C) Skeletor