I`ll stop you muscleman!

Scorpia is one of Hordak`s most dangerous villains and she uses her powerful tail to snare and sting her prey.

Scorpia is one of the few Horde villains known to have her own base of operations, Scorpion Hill, located in the Crimson Waste, a dry, desolate area of Etheria. She is assisted there by slaves, who assume that she is a figure of some importance in the region. She also has her own method of transport, the Crowler, a giant Scorpion-shaped tank capable of traveling unnoticed underground and shooting a shocking stun beam from its tail cannon.

Scorpia has 14 appearances in Princess of Power:
Into Etheria
The Red Knight
The Peril of Whispering Woods
A Loss for Words
The Mines of Mondor
Small Problems
Troll's Dream
The Anxious Apprentice
Into the Dark Dimension
Enemy With My Face
The Rock People
The Light of the Crystal
Of Shadows and Skulls

Scorpia in MOTU Classics

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