Ruthless leader of The Evil Horde

Pretty good rebel, but not good enough!

Hordak is the diabolical commander of the Horde on the planet Etheria and leads the Horde army from the desolate Fright Zone, the darkest, dankest part of Etheria. Each of his minions fears Hordak in some way and all of them bow to his every word. Though some have attempted to double-cross him, they have not succeeded.

As a warrior, Hordak is a powerful adversary. He is capable of altering his shape and changing into anything he pleases, be it a tank, a rocket or a drill. He can also transform individual parts of his body without changing the rest; the most famous example of this is when he morphed his arm into a powerful cannon.

Horde Prime is Hordak`s brother and his only superior.

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