The Price

Written by: Bob Forward
Directed by: Marsh Lamore

Marshall Bravestarr
Doc Clayton


When a young boy, Jay, meets a Dingo that deals an insidious drug called Spin, he finds himself becoming an addict and losing his friends in the process. When Bravestarr discovers Jay's troubles, he tries desperately to stop the distribution of Spin and provent the death of one young boy...

Because of its depiction of drugs, this episode is one of the best remembered of the series and is often praised for its powerful realism.

"Drugs. Every year they claim thousands of lives. Each year, more young people like yourself, becoming involved in drugs. And each year, many of those young people end up like this. Drugs are dangerous. Drugs can kill. Don't mess with them. At best, you live to regret it. And worst, you won't live."

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