Night of the Bronco-Tank

Written by: Michael Utvich
Directed by: Richard Trueblood

Marshall Bravestarr
Judge J.B. McBride
Angus McBride

Tex Hex

To destroy Fort Kerium, Stampede creates a mechanical creature and imbues it with nearly all of his evil power. But when the machine betrays Stampede, he finds himself teaming up with his hated enemy, Shaman...

"Hi everybody! In today's adventure, it took some help from all of us to defeat the Bronco-Tank. Some times working together is the best way to get something done. It's called co-operation. If you're on a sports team, you know how important working together is. But it's also important to co-operate with others when working on a class project or just doing your chores around the house. See what I mean?"

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